Social Activation of Seniors through Media Education - innovative educational programme for seniors organizations




SASME Training program


A brochure in which the trainer will find:

o Description of applied educational methods, based on trainings in the classroom, voluntary work-based learning and informal learning.

o Training program on civil media – detailed description of training modules, covering selection of topics important in media education; modules can be puzzled in training program for seniors, according to their educational needs; each module consist of: description of content, expected learning outcomes, description of teaching and learning process, methods and materials, timing of each module.

o Tips for trainers and adult educators working with SASME Program

Teaching materials:

o a power point presentation supporting trainers in delivering mini-lectures during the training.


Trainers and adult educators, who would like to be facilitators of SASME Programme and train adult learners on basics of civil media and work in editorial office.


To suport trainers and adult educators working with seniors in delivering the training on editing and managing magazine for seniors


The Training Program is a brochure published in the pdf file in 5 languages: English, Polish, German, Romanian, Lithuanian; The ppt presentation is published online in the pdf file. Click here and download Training program and teaching materials


Educational materials


o Educational movies – 5 minutes long films presenting main issues related to the content of selected training modules. Films can be used by trainer during the training in the classroom to summarize the training content or by seniors to recapitulate material.

o Educational brochures – a collection of 3 brochures on Managing and work in the editorial office. Brochures will be published in the form of insert in the Senior Voice Magazine and can be colledted by readers of the Senior Voice magazine.

o European Senior Voice Magazine – a magazine created for seniors by seniors, issued in 4 EU countries – Poland, Romania, Germany, Lithuania. The magazine address a number of subjects important for the elderly people, such as health, safety, finance, social afffairs, their rights, but also intervieves with interesting peopla and information about local seniors’ activities.


o To support adult learners in shaping their compentencies and ensure the accurate comprehension of material covered during the training sessions (movies, brochures)

o To provide trainers with an additional tool, useful during training delivery (movies)

o To activate seniors, to promote seniors’ activities, to inform and educate seniors, to create positive image of the old age;


o The EU population is ageing, but age is still associated with infirmity, frailty or the need for care. The society, however, can profit greatly from the competence, creativity and innovative capacity of older people so there is a need to bring them back to the society. 10 videos were created within the SASME project containg answers to different questions about: the role of citizen media, how to get funds for a magazine, manipulation in mass-media or basic rules of media ethics etc. Download video list .pdf file

The magazine


For those seniors who would like to expand their knowledge on basics of civil media, principles of journalism, work in the editorial office, promotion and PR of the press magazine, voluntary work in social campaign Senior Card and Senior Voice Magazine, etc. For seniors and their families.

The Senior Voice

The European Senior Voice Magazine is created by seniors for seniors. The content of the magazine reflects the needs of the seniors and promote an active social life for the elderly. The first edition of the magazine is colorful, interesting and presents different approaches of how to stay active from different parts of Europe. Two campaigns are described in the magazine: one is a contest called, Stylish Seniors and one is the contest Senior Gardener. In the both campaigns, seniors around Europe can send their photos and participate in the contests. Most appreciate photos will appear in the magazine. Download the European Senior Voice - RO

Educational table game


A table game for those who like learning and entertainment. Players take on the role of editors of the ‘Senior Voice magazine’ who collect interesting orders/articles when travelling around the Europe. The player who collects the most valuable information and submit them to the appropriate editorial office will earn the most money and wins the game.

Depending on the Level of the game it has different educational value for players and can shape various skills, among others:

Level 1: calculation, logical thinking, risk taking, decision making, knowledge on European cities.

Level 2: (Version I) apart of mentioned above the play introduces specific questions on issues related to journalism, health, basics of maths and calculations, economy, safety etc., which are areas considered to be important for seniors in partner country.

Level 3: (Version II) apart of the skills mentioned above the game is and exercise for the memory.


o for entertainment – from the very beginning the game was dedicated for seniors to offer them possibility to spend time with friends, have fun learn and practice memory at the same time; it suddenly occured that the game can be also a tool for building intergenerational relations between grandparents and simply a great idea for spending time with friends no matter the age

o for education – playing the game is not only entertainment; by doing this, we learn and practice variours skills (as above) and socialize.


For people age 8-99


The boxed version of the game published in 4 languages (50 pcs. per country) and distributed among senior organzations. Priority given to organizations willing to implement the SASME Program.

Some of the game elments will be published online, but the access to use of the game for commercial purposes will be restricted.


"The game elements are available for printing for own use. Commercial use is forbidden. In order to get board game and other elements for printing please contact project partner in Romania, Poland, Lithuania and Germany.


Handbook for senior organizations


A handbook for senior organizations promoting the SASME Program and showing good practices and lessons learned from implementation of the SASME Program in partner countries. The handbook presents various aspects of promotion of senior activities and coordination of editorial office and Senior Card campaign.


To encourage senior organization to implement SASME Program – organize trainings for seniors, create a local edition of the Senior Voice magazine, organize Senior Card campaign etc.


For seniors organizations, trainers and facilitators working with seniors.


Senior card campaign

The European Senior Card campaign is the side product of SASME project. Together with the European Senior Voice magazine it promotes the good practice in activation of seniors through voluntary work for the magazine or for the social campaign..

The European Senior Card campaign organized in partner countries is inspired by the campaign of the same name implemented in Poland for over 3 years.

The Senior Card is a discount card which entitles seniors holding the card to discounts in shops, cinemas, cultural institutions, SPA, and other institutions which joined the Senior Card program.

The Senior Card campaign involves public institutions, NGOs and local business in promotion of active life at the old age.

The main goal of the Senior Card campaign is to counteract economic and social exclusion of the elderly, by motivating them to rationalize expenditures by and searching products or services offering the best value for money.

It also aims to involve local business and public institutions in shaping pro-senior policy and creating positive image of people at old age.

The European Senior Card entitles seniors to discounts in Partner counties. It is available for people 50+ after signing in to the Senior Card program, by filling in the registration form available in the institution who implements the SASME Program in partner country (click here to find institutions) Download aplication form for the card - .docx file Download senior card - pdf. file

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